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one picture daily, warm and fuzzy and ghei. <3
You have unmistakenly come upon ryopi_aday, the community dedicated to the cute, hot, and beautifully perfect OTP of Nishikido Ryo x Yamashita Tomohisa, whether it be just friendship or something more. Smile! These two can make your day without even trying, so join. :)


* Name: 錦戸 亮
* Name (romaji): Nishikido Ryo
* Nicknames: Ryo-chan, Dokkun, Ryotan, Nishikido-kun, Nikki, Nishiki-chan, Nishi-yan, 893 (Yakuza)
* Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
* Birthdate: November 3, 1984
* Height: 170cm (5'7")
* Weight: 52.7 kg (116 lbs.)
* Star Sign: Scorpio
* Blood Type: O
* Family: Father, mother,two older brothers, one younger sister
* Kanjani8 Eight Rangers colour: Yellow
* Favourite Colour: Black,pink
* Favorite band/singers: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mr.Children, Remioromen, Green Day, Kazuyoshi Saitou, Ueda Masaki.
* Best Friend(s): Tomohisa Yamashita, Jin Akanishi, Tadayoshi Ohkura, Uchi Hiroki

One of the most popular juniors in Kansai region of his time. Nishikido Ryo gained the nickname "Ryo-chan" due to his small frame and chibi look during his junior days but carried on by fans.

Known for having a poisoned tongue, his closest friends and fans claim that despite this, Nishikido is actually a very shy person.

He is referred to as the shadow leader of NEWS responsible for teaching most members the choreography for their dances.

His most admired sempai is Matsumoto Jun of Arashi.

Aside from his Kanjani8 members, Ryo is good friends with bandmate, Yamashita Tomohisa of NEWS, Akanishi Jin of KAT-TUN and Shirota Yuu of D-boys.

Starred in the popular novel turned series, One Litre of Tears with Sawajiri Erika in 2005. His acting ability gained attention after winning best supporting actor for his role in the popular drama, Last Friends for the fall season of 2008.


* Name: Tomohisa Yamashita (山下智久, Yamashita Tomohisa)
* Nicknames: Yamapi (山P)
* Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture, Japan
* Birthdate: April 9, 1985
* Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
* Weight: 65 kg (140 lb/10.2 st)
* Blood Type: A
* Chest size: 98cm
* Shoe Size: 27cm
* Family: Mother (Naomi Yamashita), Younger Sister (Rina Yamashita), and pet dog Hime-chan (Princess) and P-chan
* Education: Currently attending Meiji University, Faculty of Business, majoring in Marketing
* Best Friends: Akanishi Jin, Nishikido Ryo, Shirota Yuu, Takizawa Hideaki, Ikuta Toma

He entered Johnny & Associates when he was 11 years old. He is affectionately called YamaPi (short for Yamashita and pink) by his friends, which is a nickname given to him by Hideaki Takizawa. His closest friends call him by the name "Pi", which was first used by his best friend Akanishi Jin.

Yamapi's weight at birth is 3600grams. When he was young, he loved to go to the park and play with the sandpit. His father left the family when he was young, that's why he changed his name. When he was transferred to another school, a boy expressed his love to him. Apparently, the boy mistook him for a girl. The sports that he learned from kindergarten to Primary 4 are karate and baseball. Yamapi got a purple belt for Karate. He joined the Athletes club in Junior High for swimming and short running in which he got a record of 7.6 seconds in 50m short run.

Due to his pretty face, his fellow juniors and closest friends admit that during their junior days, Yamapi is always given special treatment by the sempais as he is "too cute to bully". Ikuta Toma said in an interview that whenever they see Yamapi, they couldn’t stop cooing "cute". Garnering impressive attention even before debuting, Yamashita was often seen performing at the center. To this, Kamenashi Kazuya once said that in Jimusho there are the Johnny Juniors and then, there is "Yamapi".

In his pursuit to communicate better with his foreign fans especially from Taiwan, Yamashita studied Mandarin.

He dreams to one day retire and raise a family in Hawaii along with best friends Nishikido Ryo and Jin Akanishi.


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